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care for your awning

Your markilux awning has been engineered from the highest quality materials and made to precision German engineering standards.

Here are some tips to help you maintain your awning which will prelong its longlife to be even longer:

  • Retract your awning if the wind speed picks up to more than 30km/hour or in the case of rain, frost or snow.
  • If your awning has been retracted when wet it should be extended again at the earliest opportunity to allow it to dry. markilux covers are not designed to be left wet in the headbox for long periods of time.
  • If your markilux awning has any sensors connected, please check regularily that they are functioning correctly. If you have a sun sensor that can trigger the awning to extend, make sure that you deactivate this function when you go away for extended periods or in cases of extreme weather.
  • Dust and dirt can be removed when dry by means of a soft brush. Alternatively the cover can be cleaned by lightly brushing with a mild soapy water solution to remove more stubborn stains.
  • Remove leaves, twigs and similar debris regularily to prevent impeding the closure of the cover into the headbox.
  • In order to ensure optimum water run-off, markilux recommends that all awnings are installed at a pitch of 14 degrees or above. This will ensure that the cover is not subjected to water pooling which can cause stretching and/or creasing of the cover.


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