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Markilux use high quality fabrics for their awnings, woven in Germany by markilux to withstand the extremes of Australian weather, with the aim of creating low maintenance and long lasting awnings. With various colours and materials, there will be something to suit everyone’s style when it comes to choosing your awning fabric.

Choice of fabric is very important, you want the colour and design to be aesthetically pleasing and suit the style of your home, but correct use of the fabric is crucial. You want to choose the right blind fabric to ensure it performs well outdoors.

There are three main types of awning material on the market:

  • Polyester is the most recent development and is high-tech in its composition. Produced through environmentally conscious manufacturing processes, the chemical composition of polyester awnings fabrics allows for treatment with stronger, more effective ultraviolet blockers.

  • Acrylic was the synthetic replacement of canvas, it has been around for a while and has not changed much over the years. It is available in limited colours and patterns. Acrylic uses more harmful chemicals than polyester during the manufacturing process.

  • Canvas started as the only available awning fabric but is now considered to be outdated. It does not hold out as well against extreme weather conditions and is not as long lasting as its newer fabric counterparts.

Through the development of high tech polyester, markilux has been able to create a fabric that is high performing and more advanced than canvas or acrylic. The innovative awning fabrics created by markilux have a self cleaning effect in rain (minimum awning pitch of 14° to ensure water drainage). The high quality dirt repelling coating makes sure you can enjoy the luminous colours of the fabric for many years.

The markilux fabrics sunsilk and sunvas are based on a polyester yarn which has been modified for exterior use. The dyeing process, which in this form is practised only by Schmitz-Werke.

Markilux offers a wide range of awning fabrics that have been designed in-house by their design team in Germany.


When looking to make sure you choose the right awning frame finish consider what will best suit the style you are going for, how it will fit into the space you have and what kind of weather condition you need it to protect against. Markilux frames and components are powder coated and kept to the highest industry standards to ensure durable and long lasting finish.

Markilux awning frames have different features available to help with the resilience of your outdoor awning:

  • The textured Lounge finish, an exclusive markilux powder coating finish that produces self-cleaning effects that repel particles of dirt preventing them from sticking to your awning’s surface.

  • Extra corrosion resistance (ECR) coating to protect your awnings from the elements and help maximise the life of your awning.

Different colours and finishes are available on your exterior awnings, allowing you to choose something that will suit the rest of your home. Some of our standard colour options include:

  • Traffic White (RAL 9016)

  • Metallic Aluminium (RAL 9006)

  • Grey Brown (similar to RAL 8019)

  • Light Ivory (RAL 1015)

As well as our standard colour selection markilux also have over 200 custom RAL colours to choose from.

Your decision on which awning frame finish to choose is just as important as the fabric or style choice, as you want all elements to work together to ensure that you choose the right awning to suit you and your outdoor space. Here at markilux we want your awnings to last a lifetime,  please feel free to contact us so we can help you make the right choice.

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