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When summer rolls around, most Australians head straight outside to soak up as much sun as they can. Aussie’s love nothing more than to have some fun in the sun and entertain family and friends. Outdoor awnings are essential to providing you with shade and shelter to ensure you can enjoy the warm weather while still being protected by the harsh sun, and keep in the heat when it starts cooling down.

At markilux we have many different types of awnings available to suit any needs, and one of our most popular styles is the free standing awning. Free standing awning systems are designed to be able to stand independent of any other structure, it’s an ideal solution for those who don’t want to attach an awning to the structure of their home, or those who don’t have that option.

A free standing awning in a big backyard space
An awning system for any space

A free standing awning system can provide a great space for your friends and family to spend time. You can choose any size you like, whether you want something small to create an intimate undercover area, or something large to cover a big area. As with other awning types, free standing awnings can be customised to fit any space, and because they don’t need to be attached to an existing wall or structure they are often a more flexible choice.

Outdoor awnings can help you create a space for your family to spend time, without the risk of sun damage, or in the colder months provide shelter against rain. Free standing awnings have the option to pull the shade down vertically, which means you have more control over any sun coming through, block out wind, as well as providing privacy. You can create an outdoor room, with the awning to protect any outdoor furniture from the elements.

Because they are great for covering big spaces, free standing awning systems are well suited to public parks and cafes, and are often the most common type of awning you’ll see in public areas, even if you don’t notice.

A free standing awning with the shade pulled vertically down

Get the right free standing awning system for your home or business

At markilux, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality products, we have three different types of free standing awning systems, each with varying features that are suited to different needs.


The free standing frame system markilux RS-2 is a modular system with built in flexibility which brings together design and function. The system is designed to support a wide range of markilux shading solutions including the 8800 tracfix conservatory, Pergola 110/210, full cassette folding-arm awnings and vertical 869 tracfix.

The modular units can be sized up to 7m wide x 7m deep. Architecturally appealing cross-members attach with height adjustable clamp rings to the elegant round support posts. In keeping with the large scale of this system, heights of up to 4.5 metres can be achieved to provide you with a great shaded space.

Powder coating for the RS-2 is available in up to 216 custom colours, and the RS-2 awning has support posts with internal cavity for housing electrical cabling. Some of the added accessories with this awnings system: ECR –extra corrosion protection for coastal environments, hotspot infrared heater and LED light panel, and polyester powder-coating optional in non-standard colours.

A high free standing awning in a garden/park area

Syncra 2 (fix/uno fix)

The syncra 2 fix is a standalone support structure that can hold two independently operated awnings or pergola’s, making it ideal for private outdoor entertaining areas through to large open markets, gardens, child care facilities, restaurants and clubs. While the syncra uno fix utilises one folding arm awning or pergola with the two support posts.

The markilux syncra is a one of its kind in Australia. Manufactured entirely of aluminium and stainless steel components, this support structure is built to last.

Some of the features of the syncra awning system include: powder coating available in 216 custom colours, rounded support posts with internal cavity for housing cabling, top coverboard customised to the awning or pergola chosen, as well as ECR –extra corrosion protection for coastal environments.

A free standing awning system at a café/restaurant

Planet (fix/flex)

Like a planet orbiting the sun, the new markilux planet free standing frame for folding arm awnings provides continuous shading due to a rotating axis, giving the benefit of tracking the sun as it moves throughout the day. Its unique design and elegant appearance make it the ideal way to provide shade protection to your favourite spot in the garden, around the pool, or even in hotels or restaurants.

The planet free standing awning system is available in two versions: fixed in place or optionally as the flex version which can be rotated by up to 335 degrees. It’s available in seven standard colours and over 215 custom powder coating colours. It comes with rounded support posts with internal cavity for housing electrical cabling, and includes top coverboard customised to the awning or pergola chosen.

Like the other styles, it too has ECR –extra corrosion protection for coastal environments. The markilux planet flex has simple adjustment by way of the Easy-Go turn/lever mechanism. Shadeplus and other accessories are available as per the specifications of each individual awning model.

A free standing awning over a pool

Shading solutions for the whole family

At markilux we understand how important it is to provide shelter and sun protection for your whole family. Outdoor entertaining is a big part of the Australian culture, and investing in a high quality external awning will mean you and your family will be able to enjoy the outdoors during the hot summers and cold winters for years to come.

Whether you’re looking for an awning for your home or for a commercial space, a free standing awning system could be just the awning for you. For any further assistance in choosing your outdoor awning, please contact our friendly markilux staff.

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